Real masters


Corporate advertising campaign


The Dutch magazine for hematology (NTvH): refresher training magazine for hematologists in the Netherlands and association magazine of the NVVH and HOVON.


Ariez BV


All hematological conditions

Target audience

Hematologists (version A) and pharmaceutical marketers within Hematology (version B)


Version A (doctors): Recruiting more subscribers / readers among the target group hematologists and hemato-oncologists.

Version B (pharmaceutical marketers): ad acquisition for the magazine NTVH.


Ariez developed an advertisement, showing the anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, painted by Rembrandt van Rijn in 1632. This painting symbolizes the eagerness of specialists to learn and to unravel medical problems. The appearance of the advertisement also suggests that the Journal of Hematology (NTvH) has a long history, comparable to the Anatomical lesson, and therefore provides authentic information that is also very reliable. The advertisement header reads: 'Real masters read the Dutch Journal of Hematology'.

As a follow-up to this, there was a variant aimed at pharmaceutical companies to attract advertisements from sponsors in the NTvH with a header: "Real marketing masters advertise in NTVH".


The campaign for recruiting subscribers was very well received by the medical specialists. The number of subscribers sharply increased over a period of several months. The acquisition campaign for pharma sponsors increased the number of advertisers in the magazine by 35% within 1 year.