Ferring Female brochures on gynaecology


A series of information booklets for women created to provide gynecological information for women, from conception to child birth to menopause. Ferring Netherlands wanted to strengthen their corporate image among gynecologists, nurses and patients by drawing attention to their full range of gynecological products. In conjuction with the booklets, a special website was launched.


Ferring Netherlands BV


Infertility and obstetrics (Menopur®, Propess®, Tractocile®, Lutrelef®)

Target audience

Gynecologists, IVF nurses, obstetricians


Strengthening the corporate image for Ferring Nederland among gynecologists, IVF nurses and obstetricians by offering a complete range of gynecological products.


A series of information booklets highlighting each indication for which Ferring provides a product, as well as an umbrella brochure encompassing all information. In addition, a website was launched and a folder with POS material was designed, containing business cards with the URL of the Ferring website as well as advertising.


The brochures were well received by nurses and gynecologists and were used in IVF clinics and gynecology wards to inform patients who were dealing with IVF, premature birth or menopause. The website also enjoyed considerable success, attracting around 15,000 visitors per month. The folder with business cards found its way into many doctors’ offices and reached many patients.