Opinions in Hematology


Opinions in Hematology’ is a full colour printed publication series of 8 pages consisting of a state of the art introduction on a specific medical topic relevant for clinicians working in Hematology, followed by interviews with leading opinion leaders in the field, who are sharing their opinion with readers on latest developments and new insights related to the medical issue at hand.


Incyte Biosciences & Novartis Pharma


Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

Target audience



Educating hematologists on a new guideline for diagnosing and treating CML thus accelerating the uptake of new practices by hospital staff.


In the series ‘Opinions in Hematology’ leading hematologists in the Netherlands extrapolate new scientific insights to daily clinical practice. Each publication is 8 pages in print, with state-of-the art texts and interviews.


Faster application of the new guideline in clinical setting.