Special: ‘House dust mite allergy & communication with adolescents’


A printed special focusing on new insights in diagnosing and therapeutic management of house dust mite and communication with adolescents. The special was combined with a (live) group training of medical specialists on the psychology and neurocognitive aspects of the behavior of adolescents (‘The Adolescent Brain’) followed by a communication training in techniques on how to improve the communication of the participating doctors with adolescents during hospital visits, with respect to e.g. motivation of adolescents to adhere to their treatment for their house dust mite allergy and their willingness to follow the instructions given by the doctor.


Alk-Abello BV


House dust mite allergy

Target audience

All medical specialists actively treating allergies, such as pediatricians, pulmonologists, allergologists, dermatologists and ENT-specialists


Enhancing the skills of medical specialists in communicating with adolescents about the importance of adherence to treatment instructions, and learning how to motivate adolescents to do so.


A physical workshop and printed special were established for daily use in clinical practice.


Both the printed special and workshop have contributed largely to the ‘empowerment’ of attending medical specialists in clinical practice in their communication with teenagers and adolescents on the clinical management of allergy and treatment strategies.