Arlo Werkhoven

Sales Assistant

Having completed my studies in Marketing, I have been mainly engaged in the fields of banking and finance. First, I worked a number of years as a registered mortgage advisor: a complex role in which the bank I worked for, luckily, always prioritised the needs of its customers. My strength lies in identifying commercial and business opportunities and recognising the true demands of our clients. Uniquely, I am able to combine these capabilities with powerful analytical skills. I am always inquisitive and interested in anything that is not mainstream. This has turned out to be very beneficial in my positions as business analyst. I like to analyse and solve complex issues and problems (always asking myself : Why are we doing something this way? Can it be done more easily?) and to come up with real solutions, so that people and businesses can work more efficiently and better (together). All this without any unnecessary frills, I am a great believer in keeping things simple. I try to apply this philosophy on my personal life as well.

Special skills

My greatest hobby is travelling/backpacking. I love to get off the beaten track (anywhere is great, as long as you make it back home safely). You then often realise how the media try to manipulate and influence our view of the world. Rogue states turn out to be full of friendly peaceful people who long to be part of The West. ‘Sympathetic’ countries conversely can turn out to be quite grim. You should of course never be naive. Besides traveling, I read a lot, I regularly go to the gym and I venture out to visit friends or explore cities.

Favourite media

Every morning I read 1 newspaper and in the weekend I read 2 (1 centre right and 1 centre left newspaper, balance is everything after all). In the evening, I watch 4 different news channels (1 from the Dutch Broadcasting Corporation, 1 from a Dutch commercial channel and BBC World News and Al Jazeera). In this way, I get informed from different perspectives and I obtain quite a balanced picture of what is going on in the world. Unpopular and unknown regions and subjects also get into the limelight this way. For the time that remains, I like to watch travel, history and economical programs or comedy shows or series. After all, what is a day without a good laugh?