Jeroen Beekwilder

Medical writer

After my biology studies in Utrecht, I started a PhD trajectory which resulted in a thesis on the interaction of local anaesthetics and ion channels. After that, I continued doing research in postdocs at the University of Amsterdam and Twente University in Enschede. Later as senior scientist at the TWIN foundation, I focused on the different aspects of neuromodulation. All that scientific research covered very diverse topics and brought me in contact with a wide spectrum of specialisations.


As a medical writer I report about national and international scientific meetings, write scientific publications for Ariez and provide interviews with key opinion leaders on their respective specialisations. I am able to delve into a new topic quickly. Therefore I enjoy the diversity of medical topics which I am able to cover at Ariez publishing.

More likings

I love puzzles and games in the broadest sense. With increasing age I have started to appreciate language more and more. And where words don’t suffice, I tend to fill my time with yoga and lego.

I like to follow the news. And concerning fiction – in movies, TV-series or books – I let myself be carried away by an unpredictable storyline. A feeling of discomfort afterwards is an underappreciated result in my opinion.