Marjolein Groot

Medical Content Specialist

Within Ariez, I am able to contribute to our medical communication on different levels. I mainly produce medical content for clients, such as articles or videos, and I also write about national and international congresses.

Moreover, I am part of the Ariez team that focuses on creating content for the websites. I write about scientific news and medical breakthroughs for laymen and specialists. Furthermore I manage the journal NTVAAKI.


I have a background in cognitive neuroscience as this was the specialisation of my BSc. I have always been interested in the workings of the brain and therefore I happily learnt about all the ins and outs of the brain and how it affects our daily behaviour. Of course, there are many more processes that influence our behaviour. This is the reason I also enjoy learning about other areas of medical science that aren’t necessarily my specialty.

I enjoy acquiring new knowledge and for me, humans are most interesting topic to learn about. That’s why I choose to stay in the same field for my next degree. However, I also wanted to learn more about how to transfer all this scientific knowledge. This is why I studied Psychology / Brain and Cognition in Society at the University of Amsterdam. There, I’ve learnt a lot about scientific communication and I’ve expanded my research skills. It is very rewarding to put this knowledge to use in my daily work at Ariez!

Favourite media

Like a typical millennial, I consume media almost exclusively in digital form. I especialy love media with a positive outlook, whether this consists of scientific breakthroughs, a hilarious comedy, images of beautiful interiors or videos of cute puppies (especially my own pup, Mosby).

Moreover, I am active on different social media platforms and I like to inform myself on different topics through blogs or YouTube videos. And the most important kind of media for me is music! I could listen to it all day. Preferably a mix of modern pop and (indie) r&b, but also old jazz or swing. Great to listen to while I am writing. I also really enjoy singing and I play piano and guitar in my spare time.