Vanessa Vernimmen

Publishing Manager

After studying Journalism, English and Psychology at Rhodes University, I worked for four years for a medical publisher in New York. After this American adventure, I ended up in Belgium where I accidentally bumped into Ariez. In the meantime, I have been a member of the Belgian Ariez team for almost eight years, where I am responsible for the management of the Belgian journals, BJH and BJMO.


My journalistic roots and native English form an ideal basis for BJH and BJMO journal management. In the weekend I enjoy reading books, going out to dinner and/or enjoying a terrace with friends.

Media taste

My preference is for sci-fi/fantasy/procedural criminal drama programs such as “Battlestar Galactica” (miss you), “Game of Thrones” (miss you too) and “Criminal Minds”. I am also addicted to Netflix series such as “Black Mirror”. In the field of social media, I mostly use LinkedIn and Facebook. I can also binge watch movies for hours.

Coffee taste

You make me happy with a latte macchiato or a cup of tea. A warm Cécémel can’t hurt either. I’m not picky …