Wandana Nanhoe

Medical Communications Manager

I studied Biomedical Sciences in Nijmegen with a Master specialisation in Human Movement Sciences. During my graduation internship I studied gait and balance problems in patients with Parkinson’s disease and I continued this research project as a PhD student. In 2013, I received my PhD, for which I performed studies at Radboudumc in Nijmegen and at University Hospital Basel in Switzerland. For me, it was most important that my research would be impactful in daily clinical practice. I was really focused on improving healthcare. With the results from my PhD project I was able to develop an e-learning module, which helped physicians and geriatricians to detect and treat gait problems in Parkinson’s disease patients. This made all my hard work worth it.


My goal is to translate scientific research into implications in clinical practice, in order to further improve healthcare for patients. Medical communication plays an important role in this translation. During my PhD study I noticed my passion for writing. As a medical writer I learned to write for different audiences. By writing congress reports, I deliver news that has been shared on conferences to the doctor’s office. By interviewing medical professionals, I provide them with a platform to share their best practices with other healthcare providers. This is my way to contribute to the further improvement of healthcare. I like the fact that every day is different at Ariez, that I’m able to dive into very diverse subjects, and that I get to speak to many healthcare providers and entrepreneurs that share my goals for better healthcare.


As a mom of 3 young children, I read a lot of children’s books. My kids are as keen on reading as I was at their age. Every month we go to the library and they simply love this trip! I hardly ever get to read books for myself. Mostly, I read online blogs by other mommies, which are in the same phase of their lives as I am. It’s fun to read relatable stories and to learn from the way others cope with these situations. As far as television is concerned I like to watch old fashioned sitcoms, Grey’s Anatomy, and once in a while a good movie. Furthermore, I like to cook and bake in the kitchen. Together with my girls I often go through cook books before starting to experiment for ourselves.