Carla Jorge

Publishing Manager

In 1995 I finished the Public Relations and Advertisement studies at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, and in 1996 I moved to Amsterdam. I have worked for more than 10 years as a project manager at an international medical publisher, where I have gained extensive experience in all areas that concern medical journals and projects. In 2010 I started working at Ariez where I start every day full of energy and optimism.

Special skills

As Publishing manager of the Dutch Journal for Oncology, the Dutch Journal for Hematology and the Dutch Journal for Allergy & Asthma and Clinical Immunology, I am responsible for planning, design, managing and directing authors and designers involved. In addition, I help gladly with congresses and the development of congress posters. Helping others enables me to discover an interesting quality in every human being. I like to help!

I love cooking and eating tasty and healthy food. I greatly enjoy eating together with family and friends! But my interest in food goes beyond that: After completing a course as a nutritionist, I kept on learning and reading about the influence of nutrition on health. For instance: what is the influence of nutrition on afflictions such as cancer and allergy?! Sport is also important to me, as long as it remains fun! So every week I go to Zumba class! For extra exercise I like to go swimming and I often take long walks through the park or the city.

Favourite media

Reading is my main hobby and I like to read in Dutch, English as well as my native Portuguese. I especially love classics from authors like Japin, Dickens and Saramago. I like to watch news programs or inspiring and thrilling movies. I find medical or health and lifestyle-related programs also quite interesting.