Chantal van der Meijs

Project Assistent

After completing my Media and Communication studies at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, I worked for several years as a website manager for various online publishers. Since August 2019, I have been a project assistant for Ariez. My activities are very broad: from compiling the annual conference calendar and making quotes for advertisements to supporting the CEO with executive tasks. You can run into me in every department!

Special skills

I am accurate, reliable and supportive. These features fit well with my all-round function. My caring side is especially useful in my private life. As a mother of two young girls, I hardly sit still.

In weekends I enjoy hanging out on the beach or in the woods. Those are the best places to relax, catch some fresh air and to enjoy a good lunch with a smooth wine. You could not make me happier.

Favourite media

I might just have a little Instagram addiction. I find it a nice way to relax, but it is also useful for inspiration and new ideas. I use my cell phone for many other things as well. keeps me informed on the news, Google Maps helps me to not get lost and Spotify is my source for good music and podcasts. I don’t watch TV a lot. Netflix, however, can deprive me of my much needed sleep. With bingewatch-worthy series like The Walking Dead, La Casa de Papel and Peaky Blinders I tend to lose track of time regularly.