Detlev Bosboom

Media Consultant

After studying Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, I got into contact with public relations. During my internship at a PR consultancy, I came into contact with healthcare communication. To date, I have been performing this task for Ariez. Among other things, I was jointly responsible for developing newsletters in print and online, writing press releases, launching of specialty, generic and medical devices, organizing events… But I also specialize in communications for clients in the fields of  luxury goods, travel, IT, B2B services, funeral services and art and antiques.

Art & antiques

As the son of a photographer, the love for art and design is in my genes. During my spare time I like to visit museums, art and antiques fairs, vintage shops, thrift shops, etc. etc. Unfortunately, a day only has 24 hours …

Favourite media

As a self-described media junkie, I try to keep abreast of news, trends and developments in all sorts of ways in as many ways as possible. From the daily Volkskrant on paper, the digital AD (Saturdays in print), the Telegraaf-app to magazines like GQ and Harper’s Bazaar on Issuu and the PW and Pharma Times. In addition, I – too little – like to read a good book. The “to read” stack always grows faster. This daily information overload comes in handy in my work at Ariez. It keeps me up to date with everything that is going on, whether it concerns news in general or developments and trends in healthcare.