Erma van Zanten

Directeur-eigenaar & Oprichter van Ariez

After my studies of pharmacy and medical biology at the University of Amsterdam, I started working as a community pharmacist in Hilversum. At that time I started several educational initiatives for local GP´s and also for my own team of pharmacist’s assistants. My goal was to improve the quality of healthcare to patients in that community which was a great success. Afterwards, I joined the pharmaceutical industry, where I have worked for over 20 years in various positions. From sales representative to clinical trial manager, from regulatory affairs manager to product manager, and from medical advisor and trainer of sales teams, to Head of Marketing and Business Unit Manager.

During that time I specialised in marketing of consumer health products (OTC) as well as in marketing of specialty drugs. After a next step proved no challenge, being a Marketing Director responsible for all commercial operations and new business development of a well-known medical publisher during nearly 2 years, I decided to start my own medical marketing and communication agency, called Ariez. I was overflowing with ideas and craved to realize these as soon as possible. The name Ariez stands for Aries, my star sign, representing a male sheep. The last two letters represent the E and Z of my surname and family name. So, despite the –ez ending of Ariez, what could suggest faintly a Spanish origin, we are 100% Dutch and proud to be so!

Special skills

What my true (hidden) skill is? During the weekend I am a devoted salsa dancer, and live my life to the fullest whilst enjoying preferably salsa cubana. Add to this my passion for exotic cocktails, and the party is picture perfect! Furthermore, I am addicted to trendwatching and trendspotting. Especially in translating these trends into new business ideas and concepts. But not only business innovation is intriguing me, also all kinds of design, the arts and being artistically active. This helps me channel my creative energy and keeps me vital.  Preferably mixed with humour, social contacts and travel.

Favourite media

During weekdays or in the weekend I love to read the newspaper Het Parool, with news of Amsterdam and many cultural events to visit. Or the regional paper of North-Holland, including the entrepreneurs supplement which I enjoy most being an entrepreneur myself. All newspapers with quality journalism and content. In weekends I like to be inspired by Pinterest, social media blogs, various magazines of all sorts, and a big fat latte macchiato, while sitting in the sun on one of Amsterdam´s many great terraces, enjoying the sun on my face.

No.1 Dog

A couple of years ago, a black and tan sausage dog entered my life. I found him on the internet, where a small ad said: for sale, a 4 months old puppy, in neighbourhood of Hamburg. In the meantime my dog ´Rembrandt´ (no, he doesn´t paint… yet!) has grown accustomed to my busy lifestyle and accepts me unconditionally, even though I sometimes forget to feed him or walk him. Despite being German, he has fully integrated into the Dutch lifestyle, and I must admit he is truly a perfect immigrant. Brave, strong headed, wilful, courageous, dominant, alert, intelligent and with heart-breaking eyes that usually make me giving him more snacks than I ought to. In secret, I have nominated him the true Mascot of Ariez. People say that a dog often takes after its keeper, or was it vice versa?