Joke Broeren

Media Consultant

Unilever was the first employer where I learned a lot about business. From secretarial work to public relations. Because of my passion for dance in a broad sense, I started studying physiotherapy with a specialization in dance injuries. After completing this study, I lived in Israel for two years, not in a Kibbutz, but just in a room in Tel Aviv. Living and working like everyone else to experience the culture of a completely different country. An absolute must!

Back in the Netherlands, I worked as a medical representative for quite some time. I noticed that sales and marketing suit me and I find it particularly interesting to negotiate with people to achieve a win-win situation. Afterwards I worked for temporary employment agencies for four years, this was a deliberate choice. I like challenges and as a result I got to know many different corporate cultures.

In cooperation with two large American companies, I started my own small business, which was my main source of income for 10 years. As a result, I have been able to follow many trainings in the United States by people such as Bob Proctor, Les Braun, Anthony Robbins and so on. That has opened a whole new world for me.

I have been working at Ariez since April 2016. I am a real “people person” and I find the daily contact with the various customers fun and inspiring. Contrary to what is often thought, “sales” is not primarily about numbers, but about relationships you build with customers. I am responsible for the publications NTVO and NTVH and everything related to oncology and hematology publications in the Netherlands (both in print and online).

Special skills

Personal development, mindset and spirituality have been my passions for years. I sometimes organize workshops called “Thoughts become things” and “The power of your thoughts”. Personal development is the engine behind all successful entrepreneurship. I am an “out of the box” thinker with great curiosity and a wide interest in many different topics. This is of course useful during my current job.

Favourite media

My media taste is very broad. But I especially like tv programs such as “RTL late night”, “Wie is de Mol” and all sorts of documentaries. Although I love reading books (personal development, true stories), as a mother of two teenage daughters I don’t have time to read other interesting material.