Martine de Wijs

Editor-in-chief NTVO & NTVH

During my study of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam I did an internship at a pharmaceutical company. Here, I developed a special interest on communication regarding disease and health. After finishing my studies, I started working as a communication consultant, focusing on public relations and public affairs. Afterwards I obtained a similar position at a marketing communication agency specifically focussing on healthcare. I gained experience as an editor and project manager at a medical publishing company, and decided to start my own business in this field in 2011.

Ariez was one of my first clients and since then I have been editor of the Dutch Journal of Haematology and the Dutch Journal of Oncology. In addition, I have several clients for whom I manage a variety of projects, such as writing articles for patients and medical professionals, and supervising several communication projects for different target groups in healthcare.

Special skills

I find language and use of language extremely interesting. Everyone uses language in their own unique way. There are different ways in which you can transfer a message to a specific target group. In addition to a “correct” spelling, my focus is on the way you say or write something. Is the message clear? Does the use of language match the reader’s experience?

But I am also interested in the person behind the story. What drives them? What is their passion? It is a big challenge to write down a story in which people recognize themselves. And the greatest reward is when people say: “This is exactly what I meant.”

Favourite media

The first thing I do in the morning is to turn on the radio, preferably Radio 10 or 3FM. I also follow the daily news via the radio and various news apps. The only subscription I have is on Linda Magazine. I admit, you read it way too fast, but it’s still entertaining to me.