Sonja Bestebreurtje

HR & Finance Manager

After getting my bachelor in business administration and linguistics, I started my working career in human resource. This was followed by a brief excursion into marketing, my own company and I finally ended up in southern Spain. We operated a restaurant which faced the sea, where my experience in the restaurant business from my student days came in handy. It was an amazing experience! It is fun to live in another country, to learn a new language and above all it was great to learn about a new culture. The sun, the sea, the palm trees and the hospitable mentality could never bore me.

We decided to return to the Netherlands after our daughter was born, where I worked for a graphic design company in Amsterdam for 10 years where I occupied myself with bookkeeping as well as human resource management. Since 2012, I have been working for Ariez.

My job description at Ariez is very diverse, from finance to human resources, from insurances to work safety and pensions, from salary administration to accounting: it is all very stimulating intellectually. Being able to switch between all these tasks is perfect for me. Every day is different and I enjoy remaining up to date in the different fields and to be informed on the recent developments and the law.