Introduction campaign Humira® consisting of an advertising campaign, patient newsletter, nurse info kit, patient info kit, detail aid, an educational CD for patients with information about Humira® and a video with administration instructions.


Humira®: a Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) blocker (administration by subcutaneous injections via a pre-filled syringe or auto-injector)


AbbVie BV


Rheumatoid arthritis

Target audience

Internists, in particular rheumatologists


AbbVie BV asked Ariez to develop an introduction campaign for Humira®, including point of sales materials and various educational materials for medical professionals and patients for the indication rheumatoid arthritis.


Ariez developed an advertising campaign, a DM campaign, a detail aid, an educational information kit for nurses, an information kit for patients, a patient instruction CD with videos on how to administer Humira®, patient newsletters, brochures, dosage cards and conference materials.


A successful introduction of Humira® in the Netherlands with a rapid market uptake of the brand. The activities led to a high prescription share and a continuous growth of new patients. Specialists, nurses and patients were quickly and effectively informed about the new drug, its use and the benefits of Humira® in rheumatoid arthritis.